Privacy Policy

Sutton (Québec), Real Estate Services Inc. (« SQRES») provides a safe and secure environment to its Internet users.

In this respect, SQRES is committed to uphold the highest privacy standards with respect to the personal information provided by its clients, suppliers and any other entity accessing its website. As such, SQRES observes and respects all of its obligations pursuant to the Act respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector, CQLR c P-39.1 (the “Act”).

What data constitutes “personal information”?

In general terms, any factual or subjective data regarding an identifiable person constitutes personal information. For example, data such as the name, address, age, income, ethnic background or credit file of an individual represents personal information.

In view of protecting any such personal information, SQRES adopted the present privacy policy (the “Policy”) founded upon the principles of the Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada pertaining to the collection, use, communication and access to personal information.

Said principles listed below apply to the collection, use and transmission of personal information that Internet users may provide SQRES during access or use of the latter’s website: (the « Website »).

1. Accountability:

SQRES is responsible for safeguarding all personal data it possesses, including information communicated to third parties in view of performing the services requested by its Internet users or for administrative purposes.

2. Reason of collecting personal information:

Before or at the time of the collection, SQRES will inform its Website users of the reason for which their personal information is being collected.

3. Consent:

Similarly, the Website users’ consent will be obtained before or at the time of the collection, use and communication of said personal information.

In this respect, said user’s consent may be given explicitly or implicitly and may also be validly obtained through an intermediary or a SQRES authorized representative.

Moreover, the Act provides certain exceptional circumstances in which Sutton has the right or the obligation to collect, use and communicate such personal information without obtaining the user’s prior consent.

4. Limited Collection:

Any collection of personal information is executed legally and in good faith, being limited to the data necessary for the performances of services or specific tasks requested by the Website users.

5. Limits of use, communication and storage:

As well, except for subsequent or specific authorization, personal information will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected. Said data shall only be retained for as long as necessary to accomplish the tasks or execute the services for which it was collected.

6. Accuracy of information:

SQRES ensures that personal information is accurate, complete and up to date in view of executing the tasks or services for which it was collected. An Internet user may correct any inaccurate information by accessing its account through the Website or by contacting SQRES at the email and phone number listed below.

7. Safeguards:

SQRES implemented technology and uses industry-recognized standards for safeguarding the personal information provided by Internet users who access its Website.

8. Transparency:

The policies and procedures SQRES employs in the management of personal information are available to Internet users on its Website.

9. Access to information:

Upon receipt of a written application in this respect, SQRES will inform the Internet user of the existence, the use and communication of its personal information and will provide him/her with access to his/her file.

Moreover, the Act provides for some circumstances in which SQRES has the right or the obligation to refuse access to said information.

10. Recourse:

Any Internet user can file a complaint regarding the application of the Policy by SQRES, which established adequate procedures for the resolution of such complaints.

In this respect, you can communicate with the person responsible for the security and protection of personal information within SQRES, whose contact information is provided below:

Sutton (Québec), Real Estate Services Inc.